We’re on the app store! Top 5 things you’ll be able to do!

1. Start your life’s bucket list of all the places you’ve been itching to see

We all have a bucket list of places we want to go, you know, some of it exists in your phone’s notes, others in a Google Doc or in brochures gathering cobwebs, and the rest of it sits in multiple spots scattered across your home.

What if you could put all these beauties in one place, one that you can share with your friends, and get pinged when it’s nearby! Well that’s what we offer with tinyrobot! Build a list of cheap eats you never got around to trying, or maybe it’s a mural hunt around a nearby city. Whatever it is, we want you to go after it!

2. Instead of telling your friends where to go for the best spots in [insert your last epic trip], you can share it with them on tinyrobot!

Picture this, you’re finally home and catching up with some friends, and they all want to know about your last epic trip. They start bombarding you with all these questions: where’d you eat, where’d you rent a car, where did you get that cool shot…let’s face it, we’re not computers…we can’t remember exactly where we went. So instead of repeating this information to all your zillion friends, you can just post them on tinyrobot and share it with them 🙂

3. Use Explore Nearby when you’re feeling spontaneous

Serendipitously in a random city? Use Explore Nearby to see what your friends suggest on where to go, eat or do, you’d be surprised at their suggestions, we know we were! I mean who knew this place even existed!

Tired of arguing with your bestie about where to eat? Or rather, feeling like breaking your daily routine. Check out new nearby places your friends recommend! And you thought you knew where to get the best burrito. *Rolls eyes*

4. Do you have a picture and a memory in a certain place? Journal it privately so you’ll never forget where it happened!

And what if you don’t have a picture and only a memory of your first kiss with your SO, create it privately so when you’re celebrating your 5, 10 years you can be the romantic one that remembers all the relationship milestones.

Not into humans, no problem. Do you remember where you adopted Henry, your best friend that also happens to be a french bulldog… Nope? What about Henry’s first “present”, his first dog park, or the first place he ran away to, post it privately for memory’s sake and celebrate Henry’s birthday by visiting all these places! 🙂

5. Follow cool new accounts to get exposure to places you never thought to visit!

Follow @thescenicroute, our current top gun creator who’s determined to visit all of the national parks in the world (good luck to ya)!

Our community is always growing, you never know what type of exposure you’ll run into within the tinyrobot community, we’re go-getters, adventure seekers, tasty budget eaters, and most importantly coffee snobs. What moves you?

Bonus: Try creating cool community projects like this one on tinyrobot 😉