5 Ways to Become a Superstar on tinyrobot

So you’ve started making bots to tell your friends and followers about all the cool places you know! Now that you’re in the creator mindset, let’s talk about the best ways to engage with both your friends and followers.

  • 1. Define your expertise/ interest.

If you know all about the nightlife in Los Angeles, then you’re the perfect person to suggest the best places for clubbing, karaoke night, and more. If you grew up in China for most of your life and know the most authentic Chinese restaurants in your city, you’re the best person to tell people about where they can satisfy their cravings. So just be you, and share the knowledge! This will also establish your unique brand as a creator.

  • 2. Choose a place that you’ve had a positive experience in and have helpful info to share.

This means that if you’re recommending a restaurant, you’d be able to suggest what to order on the menu, the price range, ambience of the place, etc. If there’s a new yoga studio in your neighborhood, you can share what kind of classes they have, the teachers you recommend and membership pricing.

  • 3. Tell a story.

As a bot creator, you’re essentially a storyteller. We all love stories, don’t we? So descriptions of the specific dish or the difficulty levels of rock-climbing walls are always appreciated.

4. Cover Photo, Pictures and Emojis

Pictures help with this smooth narrative. You can help answer: what does the restaurant look like as you walk in? How big is the food portion? How much variety is there on the menu? After all, pictures do speak a thousand words. This type of curated information is insider knowledge that only a niche group of creators can provide. It’s like touring a city with a local’s edge, and the local’s expertise is right at your fingertips.

While you want to be detailed, you want to make the story as concise as possible. A good way to keep readers’ attention is by separating the text into chunks based on the topic. First block could be about your first impression of the place or what drew you into the place. Then, you can start suggesting menu items. The third part could be peak hours to avoid if someone’s in a rush. And adding emojis to replace certain words or illustrate an emotion makes for a more pleasant experience for your followers (wink emoji with tongue sticking out emoji)

  • 5. Check out these accounts for some inspiration:

@discovering_LA – all the hidden spots in LA for both natives and tourists

@explorela_tr – best Korean food in LA and much more

@therenbackagain – for bar hunters and foodies all over the world

@thescenicroute – great outdoor escapes or off the beaten path spots

We hope this gives you some ideas for your next creation. If you have any questions or just want to chat with us, tweet at us on @tinyrobot_app or message us on Facebook. Or email us the old-fashioned way at support@tinyrobot.com!

We’re excited to see what you have to share!


tinyrobot team | @tinyrobot on tr 😉