Hello World! :)

There’s 7 billion people on this planet and there’s a near excellent chance the majority of us want to share special places, newly discovered experiences, favorite hobbies and habits, awesome food and bars and, most importantly, unforgettable journeys. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to easily curate for old and new friends the moment you experience these adventures? This is why we developed tinyrobot.

What is tinyrobot?
tinyrobot communicates presence and location in a way that makes the world around you a place to discover and share with your friends and followers. The magic that you’re about to experience consists of two major features: “Bots” and a subfeature of Bots called “Presence Detection”. Bots allows you to tag any place (your favorite cafe) or thing (this waterfall!) with notes and photos that you can use to journal your adventures or share Bots with your friends and followers. Presence Detection literally allows you to detect the presence of your friends when they approach your Bots – WITHOUT that creepy feeling of being tracked on a map (which is how everyone else does it now).

Everything’s better with examples so here we go with a few:

Bots: Bots are used to tag and represent our favorite places, locations, spots, moments, memories… etc! Imagine finding the most amazing street art/mural! All you have to do is create a “bot” and post your favorite shots to your new mural bot. Now you can share the mural, it’s location and even a special note with your friends, family and followers! Amazing, right? We want you to literally tag the world! If you can see it, you can tag it with what we call “a bot”. Bots represent all the places, events and things in the real world that you want to remember or share with your friends.

Presence Detection: Wanna know when your family is arriving home? How about as a parent, would you like to know that your child has safely arrived to school in the morning and safely arrived home in the evening? This is easy to accomplish with tinyrobot. Simply create a bot for your child’s school and one for your home. Regardless if you’re at work, home or on the road, you’ll be alerted as soon as your child arrives to school (alerts for arrival and departure) and when your child arrives home later that day (arrival and departure alerts). Gone are the days of nagging and eye-rolling… know your child is safe while they have the privacy of simply showing presence versus being exactly pinpointed on a map (every move they make). BTW, this works with any place/situation… so if you’re waiting for your friends to arrive at a bar, simply create a bot, invite your friends and our the bot will alert you as soon as your friends arrive.

What we hope to get out of our private-beta program:
To realistically and efficiently deliver value we need you (our beta users) to tell us what we’re doing wrong, doing right and not doing at all (what is missing?). Our goal is to show you our vision with an early and – yes potentially – buggy version of our app.

What we know so far:
Because this is an early release of our app, it comes pre-loaded with bugs! 🙂 We’re doing our best to squash them back here at the shop since we many of them but definitely all. What we’ll do is publish a list of *known* bugs regularly so that you know what we know. But what we *really* want to know is what we don’t know. We need you on bug patrol! Please report them to us using the feedback button in testflight or email us at support@tinyrobot.com.